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A wonderful set of raw and tumbled crystals and stones, perfect for a crystal collector.

The set includes 150g (18-20 pieces) tumbled and rough stones, 0.5"-1" long each. The rough Selenite stick in your set will naturally cleanse and charge all your crystals.

The photograph is an example of the set. This set is constantly changing due to stone quantities. Your set will have some small stones perfect for creating energy bags or crystal grids, and bigger gemstones ideal for meditation, yoga practice or crystal healing. The set will include an info sheet with the list of the stones and their main metaphysical properties.

Beginner Crystal Set

Excluding GST/HST
  • The set includes:

    -1 white Kraft box 4"x4"x0.75"

    - 18-20 genuine tumbled and rough stones 0.5"-1" long each

    - 1 rough Selenite stick approx. 3"-3.25" long, 0.5"-0.75" wide

    - info sheet
    The gemstone set will be cleansed and charged with Reiki healing energy.

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