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Beautiful aromatheraphy necklace featuring a genuine black Lava Stone pendant. Use it as a diffuser necklace: apply your favorite essential oil on the lava bead to enjoy the aromatic benefits. Reapply oil as desired.

Lava Stone is a mineral that forms when gasses in magma begin to solidify and harden into rock. Lava Rock has a strong grounding vibe that aligns the Root chakra. The Root Chakra is associated with safety, security, strength, stability and courage.

Black Lava Stone Aromatherapy Necklace in Sterling Silver

C$30.99 Regular Price
C$27.99Sale Price
Excluding GST/HST

    -genuine black Lava Stone pendant approximately 1 " long
    -925 Italy sterling silver chain 1.4mm 
    -925 sterling silver components 

    All Stones for Body and Soul jewelry come nicely wrapped in a jewelry box, ready for gift giving.

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