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Elevate your style with one of these genuine stone lanyards.

The listing is for 1 ID Holder. The mixed stones lanyard will include all 5 gemstones.


AQUAMARINE: emotional balance, inner calm, compassion, communication

BLACK OBSIDIAN: protection, resilience, determination

AMETHYST: stress relief, awareness, intuition, balance

CITRINE: success, happiness, prosperity, joy
ROSE QUARTZ: love, self-love, harmony

Your lanyard will be cleansed and charged with Reiki and packaged into a gift box, with a card describing the properties of the gemstones.

Crystal Lanyard

Excluding GST/HST

    -genuine stone chips, approximately 3mm x 6mm each
    -Rhodium plated chain, 30" long

    All Stones for Body and Soul jewelry come nicely wrapped in a jewelry box, ready for gift giving.

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