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Choose from genuine crystals and stones to create your unique custom bracelet.

1. choose the length of your bracelet
2. list your gemstones in the "Personalization Box". If you like surprises, write "SURPRISE ME" and you will receive a beautiful surprise bracelet. If you enter less then 7 stones-your bracelet will have 7 chip beads, a combination of the stones you listed. 

Rose Quartz: compassion, forgiveness, love, self-love, acceptance, kindness, empathy
Quartz Crystal: balance, harmony, positive energy, clarity, wisdom,
Amethyst: strength, psychic abilities, balance, control, stress relief, awareness
Tiger Eye: optimism, grounding, willpower, focus, confidence, strength
Black Onyx: balance, inner strength, objectivity, grounding, protection
Green Aventurine: luck, abundance, prosperity
Obsidian: protection, self-control. perseverance, determination
Banded Agate: balance, grounding, stability, strength
Peridot: tranquility, luck, abundance
Moonstone: inner growth, emotional balance, strength
Smoky Quartz: optimism, balance, grounding, protection
Garnet: passion, commitment, grounding, energy
Citrine: success, joy, happiness, abundance
Aquamarine: inner peace, calm, emotional balance
Lapis Lazuli: objectivity, self-expression, confidence
Mookaite: energy, stability, grounding, intuition, inner power
Sodalite: inner calm, anxiety relief, objectivity, communication
Labradorite: psychic protection, perseverance, strength
Amazonite: courage, hope, luck, abundance
Black Tourmaline: protection, perseverance, grounding, control, determination
Prehnite: precognition, inner knowledge, love, abundance, tranquility
Garnet: love, passion, commitment, grounding
White Moonstone: wisdom, clarity, inner strength, balance
Carnelian: vitality, creativity, endurance, strength, power
Fluorite: Psychic protection, luck, abundance, intuition, psychic abilities
Kyanite: purification, protection, wisdom, clarity, intuition

Custom Crystal Bracelet in 925 Sterling Silver

Excluding GST/HST
    -7 Reiki Infused tiny genuine gemstone chips, approx. 3mmx5mm each

    -1.7mm .925 Sterling Silver figaro chain

    -sterling silver components

    Your bracelet will be infused with Reiki energy and packaged into a gift box with a card describing the properties of the gemstones.

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