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These beautiful crystal anklets are dainty and timeless-perfect for any occasion. 

The listing is for one anklet. Size: 9"+1" extension chain.


AMETHYST: intuition, awareness, stress relief, balance

ROSE QUARTZ: love, self-love, kindness, forgiveness, harmony

TIGER EYE: focus, willpower, energy, stamina, power, confidence

AFRICAN TURQUOISE: protection, luck, abundance, tranquility

QUARTZ CRYSTAL: wisdom, clarity, balance, positive energy

GARNET: passion, energy, love, grounding, balance

FLUORITE: psychic protection, luck, prosperity

BLACK OBSIDIAN: protection, resilience, determination, grounding

Genuine Crystal Anklets in 925 Sterling Silver

Excluding GST/HST
    -7 faceted gemstone beads 3mm each
    -925 sterling silver cable chain 1.4mm
    -sterling silver components

    Your anklet will be infused with Reiki energy and packaged into a gift box with a card describing the properties of the gemstone.

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