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This beautiful Mystic Aura Quartz is delicate and pretty, perfect for any occasion.

Mystic Aura Quartz, also known as Aura Quartz, is a high vibration stone. It has a light blue, silvery iridescence and carries a very loving, calming and sweet energy. Mistic Aura Quartz is associated with intuition, communication, inner peace, healing and psychic abilities. This beautiful crystal is widely used in crystal healing, energy work and meditation.

Your necklace will be cleansed and charged with Reiki and packaged into a gift box, with a card describing the properties of the gemstone.

Mystic Aura Grey Quartz Necklace in Sterling Silver

Excluding GST/HST

    -Reiki infused Mystic Aura Grey Quartz bead 6mm

    -sterling silver cable chain 1.4mm

    -sterling silver components

    All Stones for Body and Soul jewelry come nicely wrapped in a jewelry box, ready for gift giving.

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