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This powerful protection crystal grid features genuine tumbled and raw crystals arranged on a sacred geometry grid. The stones are safely secured under glass in a black frame. The stones are all natural and genuine, making this crystal art piece truly unique and one of a kind.

Place it on your mantel, on a bookshelf, on your coffee table, or on your office desk- it will make a great addition to any space. It also makes a great housewarming or office gift.

Crystal grids are a great way to manifest your dreams, goals and intentions. Crystals and stones have their particular vibration and frequency, which arise from their molecular composition. These vibrations can protect against negative energies and bring positive vibes, relaxation and inner peace.


Sacred geometry represents oneness, often represented by the circle. The circle is considered a symbol of unity, the concept that all life and existence are interconnected. It represents the infinite and cyclical nature of the universe, with no beginning or end.


QUARTZ CRYSTAL (clear) enhances the energy of other crystals, brings positive energy, aids concentration, enhances psychic abilities and activates the grid.

LABRADORITE (grey/green) brings psychic protection, intuition, grounding and balance.
MILKY QUARTZ (white) represents clarity, wisdom, serenity and protection.

BLACK OBSIDIAN (black) is molten lava that cooled so quickly, it had no time to crystallize. Black Obsidian has a strong protective vibration that creates a shield against negative energy and boosts resilience, strength, determination, self-control and endurance.

Protection Crystal Grid Shadow Box Decor

Excluding GST/HST
    - genuine tumbled and raw stones approx. 0.5"-0.75" long

    - 1 Quartz Crystal approx 1" long

    - black shadow box with a glass front 8.75"x 8.75"

    - info card describing the main charasteristics of the gemstones

    The gemstones will be cleansed and infused with Reiki healing energy.

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