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This genuine crystal necklace features three strong protection stones. Dainty and minimalist and it makes the perfect gift for graduation, birthday or back to school. Energy healers, mediums, Reiki practicioners, yoga instructors and professionals who work with people can greatly benefit from wearing this unique and powerful protection jewelry piece.


Obsidian is molten lava that cooled so quickly, it had no time to crystallize. It has a strong energy that protects against negative energy, fixation and sorcery. Black Obsidian fosters resilience, strength and determination.
Hematite purifies the energy around you and boosts focus, willpower, confidence, concentration, grounding and balance.
Tiger Eye is the stone of Willpower. It has a strong energy that fosters decision making, confidence, focus and strength.


Your necklace will be cleansed and charged with Reiki and packaged into a gift box, with a card describing the properties of the gemstones.

Protection Necklace in 925 Sterling Silver

Excluding GST/HST

    -6mm genuine crystal beads (Black Obsidian, Hematite, Tiger Eye)
    -925 sterling silver cable chain 1.4mm 
    -925 sterling silver components 

    All Stones for Body and Soul jewelry come nicely wrapped in a jewelry box, ready for gift giving.

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