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This self-care crystal gift box set contains crystals and gemstones associated with positive energy, purification and protection against negativity. This crystal kit makes a thoughtful and unique gift for an empath, or someone who works with people.


BLACK OBSIDIAN: protection, determination, resilience, perseverance, balance
ROSE QUARTZ: love, self-love, harmony, kindness, forgiveness
QUARTZ CRYSTAL: protection, positive energy, purification, manifestation, wisdom, clarity

The crystal set will be charged and cleansed with Reiki energy.

Self-Care Crystal Gift Box Set

Excluding GST/HST
  • The gift box includes:
    -1 matte Obsidian/Rose Quartz gemstone bracelet (approx.7.5mm matte black Obsidian and Rose Quartz beads with 2 sterling silver spacer beads)
    -2 tumbled stones approximately 1.25" long (Rose Quartz and Quartz Crystal)
    -1 white kraft box 4"x4"x0.75"
    - info card describing the properties of the gemstones

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